Melissa Beth Maakestad

PO Box 5310

Tucson, AZ 85703




Objective: To obtain a certified secondary English teaching position at a well established local school.



            University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ                                    August 1998-May 2002

           Bachelor of Arts-Journalism with a minor in Spanish



            Arizona Certified Secondary Teacher-English  December 2004

             Provisional SEI Endorsement                              August 2006




            Alta Vista High School, Tucson, AZ                     August 2006-present

            English Teacher-11th grade

            Same job description as below applies.


Arizona School for Integrated Academics and Technologies, Tucson, AZ

          January 2005-August 2006

            English Classroom Teacher

Develop and teach skills and knowledge in English and maintain curriculum as per AZ State standards, instruct students in citizenship, communication, and other general elements of study, maintain proper control and discipline in a positive manner by establishing and maintaining positive relationships with students and staff, evaluate student progress, keep appropriate records, prepare student reports, and effectively communicate with students and staff, provide opportunities for students to upgrade and improve work and performance, maintain professional competence via participation in professional growth activities, identify student needs and problem areas and cooperate collaboratively with other staff in assessing and helping students solve health, attitude, and learning problems, develop lesson plans and instructional materials, provide individualized and/or group instruction, coordinate and administer group-standardized tests and workshops (AIMS), select and requisition classroom materials and supplies, (i.e. books, aides, etc.), always look, implement, and role model new ways of teaching and learning, provide a positive role model to one hundred twenty five (125) students daily.



Arizona School for Integrated Academics and Technologies, Tucson, AZ

                                                                                                July 2002-January 2005

            Technology Teacher/Instructional/Technical Assistant

Assisted in the presentation of instruction to individuals or small groups of students, reinforced instruction of teacher, assisted students in their understanding and comprehension of curriculum, performed remedial exercises, assisted in planning and implementing instructional strategies to meet curriculum objectives and development of computer knowledge and skills, provided students with a positive role model, operated, maintained, updated, supported computer and classroom equipment, attended technical training, administer, correct, record, tests, writings, and projects etc., performed clerical duties,(recording grades, taking attendance, maintaining records and files, and preparing classroom materials), operated and maintain a variety of computer and classroom equipment and software on an as-needed basis for students and teachers, responsible for providing support to staff and students with computer based curriculum, attended ongoing technical training, guided and mentored students.


David R. Valadez, P.C./CPA-Attorney At Law    April 2001-May 2002


Answered multi-line telephone, checked, logged, and delivered messages, checked and sorted mail, errands, handled, filed, drafted, filled out, highly sensitive legal documents including: trusts, wills, tax forms, corporate bylaws, minutes, waivers, and client correspondence without incident or error, ordered and requisitioned office supplies, maintained office and files maintained calendar and client contact information, kept abreast of changes that occurred on a daily basis, maintained open lines of communication between clients and attorney.


UA Academic Department of Accounting           , Tucson, AZ

August 1998-September 2001

            Student Secretary

Answered high-tech multi-line telephone system, faxed confidential documents, typed, copied, filled out forms, filed, sorted, shredded and organized office supplies and documents, diverse errands all over campus, assisted accounting students and professors with any office related needs, set up and cleared luncheons and the offices, kept administrative assistant aware of office needs and/or problems.



References: Available upon request